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Deleting each inquiry will help you obtain:

  • Higher FICO Scores
  • Larger Lines of Credit
  • New Lines of Credit
  • Lower Loan Rates
What's an inquiry?
inquiry repair service
When you apply for loans, credit cards, business credit, mortgage etc, you authorize lenders to ask or inquire for a copy of your credit report from one of the three bureaus. When you later check your report, you may notice that their inquiries are listed. You may also see listed there inquiries by businesses that you don't know. It is important to remove these inquiries as they do affect your credit/FICO score


$5.99 to remove all inquiries.

$5.99/month includes: Access to our constantly evolving database that has proven itself over and over again to remove hard credit inquiries. You only have to fill in your name, date of inquiry, company, address, print and mail! The ability to do a little bit of work on your own (sending the letter via certified mail) which saves you hundreds of dollars and extreme mark-up's that other companies and credit repair organizations charge.


How does the two step program work?

1. Make your payment, fill in the fields reguarding a specific inquiry, submit and then receive an email with the letters filled in.

2. You print the two letters (one to credit bureau and one to creditor that did inquiry). Then you mail them to the company's on the top of the letter using certified USPS mail.

Inquiry removal